Medical Marijuana in Arizona has been legal since the passing of proposition 203 on November 2, 2010, which became effective on April 14, 2011. Patients who have qualifying conditions approved by Arizona Department of Health Services can apply for a license and legalize themselves to consume or cultivate medical marijuana.

Caregiver Laws

A caregiver is anyone who is 21 years of age or above that is designated by a registered patient to administer, transport, and/or cultivate limited quantities of medicinal marijuana for up to five patients in Arizona. Caregivers can be growers too as long as they register with the State. Caregivers can possess up to two-and-a-half ounces of useable marijuana and can cultivate up to twelve plants for each patient.

Dispensary Laws

A dispensary must be registered with the Arizona Department of Health Service (ADHS). A medical marijuana dispensary should be operated on a non-profit basis, but for expenses incurred in its operation, they will be able to receive payments. The Arizona State Board of Pharmacy, under the law, cannot issue more than one nonprofit registration certificate for every ten pharmacy permits. A dispensary can acquire marijuana from a registered patient who does not profit from it or another registered nonprofit dispensary. Minors may not enter a dispensary. The location must comply with the zoning requirements.

Grower Laws

A grower can be the registered patient or the designated caregiver who applied to the state for permission to cultivate medicinal marijuana. Residency should be twenty-five miles away from any dispensary. Cultivation site should be in an enclosed and locked facility. Growers must not have any background of an excluded felony offense.

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