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Cannabis has really helped me maintain a more positive outlook during my chemotherapy. Fortunately for me, I have used cannabis on and off throughout my life and am very familiar with its therapeutic benefits. When I was diagnosed with stage II cancer and had to undergo chemotherapy, I was very relieved to have medical cannabis to help me along. There is no easy way to get through cancer treatment. Cannabis has made it bearable. It is important to keep in mind that healing consists of a mind, body and soul approach and for me cannabis helps with all of those. Stay positive and keep fighting. If you don’t try, you cannot win.

Mesa, AZ
Clinic: Phoenix

Thank you for helping me qualify for a medical marijuana card. At first I thought I could get a medical card for my insomnia but was surprised to learn that that wasn’t a qualifying condition. Luckily, your staff reviewed the medical records and found that my migraines would qualify me instead. Not only am I sleeping like a baby but I haven’t had a migraine in weeks. Thanks again.

Paradise Valley, AZ
Clinic: Scottsdale

Over the past five years, I have been working with many different physicians and specialists to treat my chronic pain. I had been very discouraged in that I had not found anything that truly helped. Some medications help numb the pain but they also numb my soul. When I finally started using medical marijuana, I felt like a person again. Not only does cannabis help reduce my pain level but it also gives me a positive outlook. People can talk bad about it all they want, but it works for me and I won’t change for someone else’s ignorance. Medical marijuana might not be right for everyone but it has sure helped me. If you’re looking for an alternative solution to the same old pharmaceutical drugs, you might want to give this a try. Highly recommended.

Chronic Pain Syndrome
Scottsdale, AZ
Clinic: Scottsdale

When I first saw the documentary about Charlotte’s Web and how it helps reduce seizures, I was reinvigorated. I have struggled not only with the physical effects of having seizures but also the psychological ones. I never know when I’m going to get a seizure so I live with constant anxiety. The decisions I make often revolve around my disorder. Since I’ve started using medical marijuana, not only have my seizures been reduced, but I feel much more relaxed in life. I’m very grateful to have access to this medicine and will be helping the fight to bring medical marijuana to other states. Every person in the world deserves access to a plant that could possibly help them.

Tempe, AZ
Clinic: Phoenix

You guys are awesome! I was honestly nervous about applying for a card and still feared the stigma that medical marijuana has in Arizona. After reading an article about the US government holding a patent on its medical uses, I thought, enough is enough. I bought into a lot of the propaganda but after seeing it work for other people I wanted to give it a try. I am very impressed with the clinic and will definitely be renewing my card with you next year.

Scottsdale, AZ
Clinic: Scottsdale

If you told me 20 years ago that I would be using marijuana for any reason, I would’ve laughed in your face. I come from a long line of God-loving Republicans who have opposed drugs for as long as I can remember. When they passed a medical marijuana bill in Arizona, I remember thinking what a mistake it was. Anyhow, when my optometrist gave me information on medical marijuana and glaucoma, I was surprised that there were real medical studies showing that it helped. After three years of thinking about it, I finally gave it a try and have been very impressed with its effects. The “high” isn’t as scary as everyone made it out to be. For me, I get a slight euphoric feeling and increased positive outlook. I also tend to not stress over all the small insignificant things in life. Not only has it helps reduce my inner ocular pressure but the side effects have had a positive impact on my life as well. If other treatments aren’t working for you, you might want to give this a try.

New River, AZ
Clinic: Scottsdale

I really appreciate your help and support throughout the process. I was a little overwhelmed when I started looking into it, but I’m glad I found your website. Everything was very straightforward and I figured it out right away. Helping me get my records not only saved time, but a lot of money as well. See you next year.

Phoenix, AZ
Clinic: Phoenix

I have worked in construction all my life and have always dealt with the daily aches and pains that come along with it. As I have gotten older, I also began having severe lower back pain. After many years of dealing with it, I went to my doctor and he simply prescribed me Vicodin for the pain. After taking the pills for a couple days, I knew that it wasn’t going to be a solution for me. I don’t know how people take those all day at work and still function. One night at a work party, I tried some medical cannabis that my friend had and I was shocked by how well it worked. My pain level went down and that night I slept better than I had in years. Once I got my medical card, I stopped smoking it and started using capsules and pain salve. The pain salve helps reduce the inflammation and pain during the day and the capsules help me sleep at night. I am very grateful to have found something that works for me.

Chronic Back Pain
Glendale, AZ
Clinic: Phoenix

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